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What inspired our co-op?

If you know the founders Meag and Jose, you know they like to think outside of the box, and always have a new dream brewing!  They love to dream up wild and new ways to educate children. Ways that honor a child's development, the need to move, and academic striving. Meag believes you don't have to sacrifice one for the other, but together they make an ideal learning environment. 


To create this model, Meag reflected on her 11 years of teaching experience in different school settings- from public inner city schools and multi-aged groups in public Montessori schools, to an international school in Nigeria with rich oil money families, and a remote indigenous village school in Santiago, Guatemala.  This wide range of opportunities led Meag to a unique perspective on what works and doesn't work when creating a holistic learning environment for kids, parents and teachers.  Luckily she's not alone in her dreams for an innovative education approach that grows whole-hearted humans.  Continue reading to find out what makes Chavitos Elementary co-op unique.

Chavitos class photo 2022


Chavitos Nature Program

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