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Program Support Consultation 

Who can deny the nature movement has swept our nation. Thank goodness.  We've see an increase in nature access for early childhood. In many states this innovative education has officially been certified thanks to countless hours of advocating by nature teachers.  

But, it's still in its infancy stage for the older students. It's hard to find a program that is structured in nature, academic focused, and seasonally aligned.  

Meag Diamond has paved the way for nature education to successfully expand all the way to K-8th graders.  Her experience in public, private, Montessori and nature preschools has given her a strong foundation to bring the benefits of these programs to her K-8 farm program.  

If you are in the dreaming stages, implementing stages or expansion stages call on Meag to bring motivation, time tested methods, and brilliant wisdom and experience to your unique situation.  

Meag is available for consulting, virtual support and site visits.  She has a sliding scale for BIPOC community of $50-$100/hour.  All other consulting is at $100/hour.  

Reading a Book

Coming soon!

Keep an eye out for Meag's debut book about the Chavitos philosophy and how to implement it with ease into your own programs. 


Chavitos Nature Program

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