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Chavitos Preschool Program

Preschool Program

 ​I don't think words can express how special it has been to have E at Chavitos these last 3 years. She has learned so much, played hard, been beautifully muddy and dirty, made good friends and has been well loved by you. Thank you for the time, work, and intentionality you have poured into the program and into the kids. "

E & C, parents of 5 yr old

Chavitos preschooler drumming

What makes our preschool so unique and popular?

Our preschool program is a unique experience. We believe in the power of play, exploration and following the child. Located on a little less than an acre in the heart of urban Tacoma we have a vibrant diverse setting to learn about ourselves and each other. The kids learn about the strength of their bodies and their ability to problem solve when climbing the old growth rhododendrons and apple trees. They learn how to check in with a friend who gets hurt. When mixing water and grass in the mud kitchen they explore science concepts of volume and space. A wagon being pulled teaches them about force and weight. It's all pure magic! 

Class options

 We have morning session at 8:30-11:30.

An afternoon session 11:40-2:40.

We have a full day session 8:30-2:40.

All classes are offered Monday-Friday. 

Preschoolers playing in dirt
wood background

Our Beliefs

We believe that the act of play is children's greatest work. It is enough. It is sacred. It is powerful. Naturally opportunities arise for students to  build and practice social-emotional skills and moral intelligence. Some questions we ask while they are playing might be, "Who has the power in this game? Why?" "Who hasn't had a chance with the resources and materials? How can we make it more accessible for everyone?" "How do you think they are feeling right now? Is there any way you would like to make amends with them?" 

Using our certification in Montessori philosophy you will see children who are encouraged to be independent. They clean up their snack, they put on a layer when cold, and climb up and down trees without a lift.  We highly value autonomy and let the children learn to listen to their bodies, learn their limits and edges and get to know themselves and others.  

Preschoolers climbing on rope


Students who attend both morning and afternoon sessions are given an opportunity to rest or nap for twenty minutes after lunch.  Cots are laid around the fire-pit area and parents supply a waterproof blanket and optional comfort object.  Some students fall asleep, while others enjoy the opportunity to see the towering forest through a different perspective.  

Full Day Details

This option is for ages 3-5. 

To make a full day parents enroll in both the morning and afternoon sessions.  Times are 8:30-2:50. 

Students bring snack and a lunch to eat during the class.   

Preschool cloud gazing
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