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Our Values

Chavitos students playing

Our co-op values moral intelligence, honesty, self-awareness, authenticity, autonomy, natural consequences, collaboration, community, and diversity.

We hire teachers who align with our vision. We enroll families who align with this vision. We invite guest teachers who model these beliefs. Our commitment to these values creates stability, clarity and success for our students. We have practices built into our routines, such as class meetings, morning circle, check-ins, and sharing prompts, such "share a rose, bud, and thorn from the day"- these are rituals of connection (both to oneself and others) that build self-awareness and community. Expectations to respect materials and our space, and to use non-violent communication, express feelings and make requests, are key aspects of our classroom culture. If a need arises in the middle of class we take time to tend to the need, either of the individual or the class as a whole.


We invite the families that can bring the most diversity to the current classes. This could be a number of things, such as age, gender identity, family dynamics, languages, religion, and race. We strive to have a class that is as diverse as possible. 


Chavitos Nature Program

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