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Chavitos farm yard

Our co-op values all types of learning styles and energy needs.

All humans need to move, especially little bodies. Montessori noticed there was a hand-to-brain connection. To learn something fully we need use all of our senses. We need to have a variety of invitations to match our variety of emotions. Sometimes we crave quiet and calm energy activities with the need to rest, in these moments we can go sit in the red shed with a book or play alone in the mud.  Other times we need big movement and high energy invitations; we can take the slide route to class, play tag during movement, or eat lunch with a group of others. 



 During class we have options of sitting, standing or wiggling. We honor our bodies and teach students to advocate for what they need in the moment. Having a focus of rigorous academics doesn't means we have to be sedentary. We can move and learn brilliant new facts at the same time! 


Chavitos Nature Program

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