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Chavitos students playing with wagon

Our co-op leadership...

Less formal co-ops are typically led one or two main leaders who form the co-op with a specific vision, usually in support of goals for their own children. They usually call planning meetings, arrange a meeting location, and strongly influence the schedule and offerings of the co-op. They'll typically try to find other parents who share their vision and who are willing to work cooperatively on the details of activities of classes. Most decisions are made by consensus, with guidance from the leaders. Our co-op is led by the director, and parent, Meag Diamond.


We also have a group of mentors and elders who guide our progress.

Mike Dunne helps with all elements of the farm. Rosi Miller is our administrator who takes care of day-to-day operations at the co-op. Decisions for these co-ops are governed by a vote by the director, admin and appointed parents of children participating in the co-op.


Chavitos Nature Program

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