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Chavitos students reading

Our co-op is academic focused

We are homeschoolers that value academics. We want our students to be able to transition to any learning environment and to thrive. This is taught by modeling curiosity, focusing on critical thinking, discussing observations around our learning process, analyzing our progress through self evaluation, and setting goals for improvement. We value students learning age appropriate material and use the Common Core Standards to guide our academic instruction. We provide Montessori materials, beautiful natural supplies, and are mindful about the organization and presentation of our work.



We take a unique comprehensive approach, incorporating academic excellence with place-based, seasonal learning. To achieve this goals, in this specific setting, we do not rely on parents as our consistent teachers. We value having trained and certified teachers. Our class fees are higher than other co-ops because we believe teachers deserve a more-than-a-living wage. They put their heart, soul and time into lesson planning and to being present with our students.  We hire quality teachers by having interviews for qualified candidates. This could be a parent or a community member.


Chavitos Nature Program

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