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Nature Mandala

The Land

We acknowledge and give thanks to the indigenous ancestors who first inhabited the land we use for our school. The Puyallup Tribe and the Coastal Salish People were the ones who tended it long before us. 

You can find who which native tribe your home is on by using this resource.

Preschool Land​

Our Preschool is located in the heart of urban Central Tacoma. This local site allows us to be close to our students, yet still offer a magical diverse forest and wildly kept orchard experience. This allows many of our families to walk, ride or bike to school! 

The property has a house that belongs to friends and supporters of Chavitos. Their space includes a little less than an acre of space. While it's small it's dense and full of diversity. We have over 60 Douglas fir, oaks, rare rhododendrons and camellias. In the front there is a wild orchard which gifts us with peaches, grapes, three varieties of apples, two varieties of raspberries, pears, hazelnuts, and hawthorn. We feast all spring and summer long. 

We share the land with many birds and animals. Yearly we watch the gray squirrels take over the flicker nests and then the flickers taking back their homes in spring. We look up daily to see raccoons lounging on the upper branches of the firs and once we were visited by a spotted owl! Kinglets, robins, crows, nuthatches, scrub jays, blue jays and chickadees all keep us entertained and in awe as we watch them build their cavity nests and straw cup nests. During snack we have lively conversations about what animal activity we've observed.  

With the intention to keep our students and guides safe 

we will only give out our address and location through email.

If setting up a tour or trial hour our location will be sharing through an informational email. 


Chavitos Nature Program

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