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The Enrollment Process

Both the preschool and elementary programs run for 12 months. Both have ongoing enrollment during the year. When we have an open spot during the year we invite families from the waitlist.


Preschool program runs from September-August. There are morning, afternoon and full time class options.


The elementary program is formed like a co-op. (Don't let that term scare you! We have multiple options and levels of parent involvement. Read more on the elementary program page to see if we are a good fit.) There are four sessions, each are three months long.

Fall session: September-November

Winter session: December-February

Spring session: March-May

Summer session: June-August 

Enrollment process for 2023-2024

While we wish we had spaces for every single family interested in Chavitos, the truth is we have limited spaces. Our intention to keep our class sizes small and intimate.  Here is our process for enrollment for both  preschool and elementary co-op. 

1. In February current families will let us know of their intent to return. This let us know how many available spots we will have for the 2023-2024 school year. 

2. In late spring, we normally host an open house. 

3. In April students on the wait list will be invited to do trial hours at the preschool and trial mornings at the elementary.  

4. If all involved decide that the trial proved a good fit we will start the enrollment paperwork.  

Open House

In late spring, we normally host an open house. This year we won't have one for the preschool, which has robust enrollment and waitlist. We will offer an open house for the elementary program. Please check back for updates in early spring. We will post a notice here and email families on the elementary waitlist.


At any time in the school year your family can be added to our waitlist.

Preschool is full with a waitlist. Elementary has limited openings for both electives and academics.

We are thankful for your interest and will get back to you as soon as we can. ​

Required Trials

Because of​ the uniqueness of our program being outdoors in all types of weather, we ask prospective families to try it out. 

In ea​rly spring we invite families from the waitlist to join us. 

Preschoolers are invited for one hour. Elementary students are invited for part of the morning classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

After a quick tour, families leave their children to attend a class independently. During this time, we love to observe the child's transition into the class, engagement with other students, and response to teachers. If that all goes well, and all involved decide it is a good fit, then we will start the enrollment paperwork.  

When considering new students, we invite the families that can bring the most diversity to the current classes. This could be a number of things, such as age, gender identity, family dynamics, languages, religion, and race. We strive to have a class that is as diverse as possible. 

Let us know if you have any questions 

about the process or the timeline.

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