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Chavito students sitting at table


TBD for 2024-2025 Program Year

Wherever we are, this co-op is for outdoor loving families. We are outside most of the day all year round - quality gear/clothing is required.  Children should be familiar with being outside and wearing layers.  They are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and can remove and put on layers as needed. Rain pants are required in the fall, winter and spring months.

All of the electives are either in the elements, under the open aired gazebo, or in a three sided classroom with stumps and a woodchip floor. Literacy is our only class held inside the geodome, where we have an electric heater.


Part of our farm environment is the animals we share it with. We have two goats, Bonnie and Clyde, and 15 chickens. Every day children do farm chores, which is hard work, dirty, and smelly, but very rewarding. They get to shovel compost, harvest eggs, and refill water containers. We harvest flower, vegetables and herbs from the farm for cooking, art and science class. Our classes are based on seasonal activities and vary depending upon the season and what is growing.


Children get to experience the interconnectedness of living seasonally, respecting all living beings, and building a robust work ethic.


Chavitos Nature Program

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