Chavitos! Nature School

Nature Inspired, Spanish Immersed
Ages 2-5
Grades K-3


 We had our first of many work parties on February 28th. There was such an amazing turn out with 15 families of 47 people! The tiny hands did an amazing job of hunting for worms, spreading dirt, carrying wood and finding many treasures.  They taught each other how to climb, explore and enjoy the beauty of their school land.  The big hands tore down a fence, broke and moved cement blocks and hauled countless loads of dirt. I loved the sense of community and purpose we shared. Thank you to all those who dedicated part of their Saturday to working on making the site ready for our children. 

On March 21st we had our second work party. The weather was typical for Spring. Showing it's temperament with a wild mood swings of rain and sun.  We worked on the fence and weeding. The children had a great time climbing trees and balancing on stumps.

In April we put in our garden, planted donated native plants around the property, scrubbing the playhouse and starting to renovate the greenhouse. Thanks for bringing  your gardening tools and joining us! We love this community!